Dick Armey Confused Media Matters With Brent Bozell's MRC

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Remember when Karoli wrote about this story last week? Poor dumb Dick! He confused Media Matters with the wingnut Media Research Center. I guess he's so used to wingnuts tidying up after each other, he assumed old Brent would know to censor his remarks:

There's been a remarkable amount of drama surrounding Dick Armey's departure from FreedomWorks, culminating Friday with a stunning report from Media Matters, who interviewed the former House Majority Leader directly. Armey had all kinds of interesting insights to share with the progressive group, including tidbits on pay-for-play agreements with Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, and the FreedomWorks' practice of charging activists to attend free events.

Though many of Armey's revelations should probably be taken with a grain of salt -- the former GOP leader seemed confused about some of the details he shared -- there was a larger question that puzzled nearly everyone: why in the world was Dick Armey dishing dirt to Media Matters?

The Daily Caller, a conservative outlet, tracked down the answer.

Dick Armey had no idea he was speaking to the left-wing Media Matters organization during an interview last week, he told The Daily Caller Tuesday. Instead, Armey thought he was chatting with the conservative Media Research Center. [...]

[I]n a Tuesday phone interview with TheDC, Armey insisted that even though properly identified himself, it wasn't until "somebody busted my chops on Facebook" that he realized spoke to a left-wing group.... "That was a major, big screw up on my part. I thought they were somebody else."


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