BillO Gives A Good Friday Sermon: Moochers, Lefties And The Pope
In honor of Good Friday, Bill O'Reilly used his Talking Points Memo segment to slam the left as moochers who hate America. Read more...
GOP's Obamacare Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost
When confronted with a constituent's questions about why he wants to take away people's health care, Rep. Dennis Ross was forced to do a quick sidestep. Read more...
Fox Desperately Works To Spin CBO ACA Report
Gretchen Carlson and Bret Baier cherry-pick CBO's positive report in order to continue Fox News' crusade against Obamacare.
Fox Lies About 'Skyrocketing' Health Insurance Rates
Special Report with Bret Baier, April 14, 2014.
Blackburn: Burwell Will Help Spin Numbers On Obamacare
Face the Nation, April 13, 2014. Rep. Marsha Blackburn attacked the newly nominated Secretary of HHS by saying she's being brought in to "cook the books" on Obamacare.

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Here's The Best Obamacare Story Yet
This is great news for the people who needed help. Read more...
On Fox, One Lefty Stands His Ground
John Aravosis appeared on Fox News' Mediabuzz and gave the regulars an earful about how awful their coverage of the ACA has been. Read more...
Gallup: Uninsured Rate Falls To Lowest Level Since Obama Took Office
Gallup has released new data on the amount of people who are uninsured in this country and the results are very good. In fact, they are at the lowest levels since 2008. Read more...
The New Yorker Cover Republicans Are Really Going To Hate
The New Yorker's new Obamacare cover.
SNL Mocks Fox And Friends For Misleading Obamacare And Climate Change Coverage
Saturday Night Live made a mockery of Fox & Friends for their fearmongering attacks on Obamacare and brought in Kenan Thompson as Neil deGrasse Tyson to give a lesson to the crew on climate change.