anti-obamacare ads

Morning Joe Panel Harasses Sen. Chuck Schumer For Picking On The Koch Brothers
Joe Scarborough and company take turns harassing Sen. Chuck Schumer over the Democrats daring to shed light on all the millions in lying negative advertising being put out there by the Koch brothers.
Kathleen Parker: AFP Should Find Someone Without A Southern Accent For Anti-Obamacare Ads
Columnist Kathleen Parker tells host David Gregory that American for Prosperity should find someone without a southern accent who is not so "countrified" for their anti-Obamacare ads.
Creepiest Political Ads Ever Coming To College Campuses
I can't even handle the level of brain bending that had to happen for no one to realize how ironic this is. If there's a fetus in your uterus, suddenly, Jesus and the entire GOP is up in there, too. Read more...