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LARRY CRIM: BIO IN BRIEF...Larry Crim (D) for United States Senate from Tennessee is a native, Fifth generation Tennessean. East Nashville High School. B.A. in Arts and Sciences Major Psychology; Minor Political Science The University of Tennessee. Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) University of Tennessee and Tennessee State University. Master of Arts (M.A.) Major Psychology - Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). Practicum in Psychology Vanderbilt InterUniversity Psychological and Counseling Center. Executive Chairman - Christian Counseling Centers of America, Inc. a non profit faith based initiative dedicated to affordable counseling and free disaster relief intervention through churches. Mr. Crim is involved in numerous Democratic causes, including Democrats United for Tennessee a grass roots organization helping Democrats and Tennesseans "make a connection by moving in a Tennessee direction", the Centrist Democratic Leadership Council. Larry Crim is also Chairman of Democrats for Equal Educational Opportunity dedicated to insuring a quality education for all children and adults and equitable financing and public resources for public colleges and universities.

On the Larry Crim (D) U.S. Senate 2014 website, Mr. Crim advocates a number of new federal bills which he proposes to sponsor including the Equal Educational Funding Act (EEFA), Social Security Protection Act (SSPA), a National Highways Infrastructure Repair and Jobs Act (NHIRJA), Veterans Benefits Assurance Act (VBAA), and other national measures benefiting Tennesseans and all Americans which Mr. Crim supports. The campaign theme of Larry Crim (D) U.S. Senate 2014 is..."For ALL Tennesseans". For more information readers may visit the Larry Crim (D) U.S. Senate 2014 website at http://www.LarryCrimUSSenate.com or engage in conversation on his personal Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/Larry.Crim which will also lead readers to a Larry Crim (D) U.S. Senate 2014 facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/larrycrimussenate?re...

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