Juan Williams To FOX's Warmongers: "...sometimes I Just Want To Scream!"

fns-juanwilliams.jpg On FOX News Sunday, Juan Williams says he wants to scream after listening to Brit Hume and that blood sucking vampire whine threw a segment about the ISG report. I only wish screaming would help.

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Bill Kristol is still calling for more troops and says: "I agree, some of the Republicans are going wet or squishy..." While Hume says this about Bush:...but if the political support ebbs away at the rate that it's going---it will be very difficult indeed and it will also leave the insurgents with the idea that all they gotta do is wait for this guy to leave office and they're going to be in the land of mild and honey in Iraq and will run the place..."

Williams: Squishy, impatient, you know, they’ll be in the land of milk and honey? The insurgents will be. What do you imagine, an American administration is coming in, Republican or Democrat, after President Bush that’s just going to lay down and run away like scared little —

Hume: It will not be phrased that way. but if you listen, listen, Juan, it’s very simple.

Williams: This is really — I tell you sometimes i just want to scream. You guys have been going on since this thing began. I mean, you don’t give credit to people, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, Barbara Lee, people who said from the start this is a mistake. You put em down. Now it’s everybody’s a surrender monkey or impatient or squeamish or weak. Why can’t you say, hey, there’s a real problem in Iraq?

You have to be wrong about Iraq before you can be taken seriously by the old wise men of the Beltway.(h/t Judd for the transcript)


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