Kris Kobach Files For U.S. Senate Run, Misspells His Own Name

Kobach filed his official documents this morning, misspelling his first name.

Your favorite voter suppressin', immigrant hatin', white supremacist from Kansas fancies himself a U.S. Senator after being passed over by Trump for immigration czar. After losing the gubernatorial race in Kansas last year, even Republicans are in no mood to have this guy lose another race in a red state.

Source: Daily Beast

Kris Kobach’s U.S. Senate campaign is off to an inauspicious start.

The former Kansas secretary of state, a Republican, officially declared his candidacy in a filing with the Federal Election Commission on Monday. But the filing misspelled his first name. The campaign amended the error an hour later.

Kobach is running to replace retiring Republican Sen. Pat Roberts.

The former secretary of state is a strident Trump supporter who previously chaired a presidential commission on voter fraud, which fizzled out after the panel failed to marshal much evidence that the practice was widespread.

After White House advisor Stephen Miller boasted of Kobach having evidence of such alleged fraud, the Kansan Republican appeared on CNN and famously came up empty with any proof.

Even Republicans don't seem thrilled by this douchebag running for Senate.

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