Trump 'Glad Hands' Entire Rope Line After CDC Warns On Handshakes

Stable Genius shakes hands in Florida.

Trump is a self-proclaimed germophobe. During a Fox News town hall last week, he said the coronavirus gives him a good reason not to shake hands, but he would probably continue to do it.

The CDC issued warnings against this practice:

Authorities around the world, including the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, have advised people to stop shaking hands during outbreaks β€” as well as washing their hands and not touching their faces β€” to prevent the virus from spreading.

After landing in Orlando, co-hosts Sandra Smith and Jon Scott were discussing his arrival and wondered if he'd make any remarks to the American people about the stock markets.

As Trump approached the rope-line of supporters, John Scott said, "In this era when shaking hands is a no-no for many people, the president is not showing any concerns about that at all."

"He’s glad-handing this entire rope line,” a somewhat shocked Scott said.

Sandra Smith tried to thaw the conversation by making jokes, "What's the elbow move called, Jon?"

A perturbed Scott replied, "Elbow bump, I don't know."

Smith continued, "Here is the president, just touched down and the Dow selling off 1600 points."

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