Trump Debt To Deutsche Bank Reason Enough To Throw Him Out Of Office

Appearing on AM Joy this morning, Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnston discussed Trump’s nearly half a billion dollars in debt, much of it due in the next four years, and much of it owed to Deutsche Bank. The Trump family’s relationship with the bank is already under scrutiny because of purchases of apartments from the Kushners by Trump’s private banker and her colleagues at Deutsche Bank.

Now Johnston added more details to the stink:

JOHNSTON: Deutsche bank, which has actively promoted illegal tax shelters that - I exposed them four years ago in The New York Times and other conduct - I think is reasonably looked upon, from an American point of view, as a criminal organization in America with a banking license.

[Trump] doesn’t appear to have the resources to pay back his notes when they would come due during a second administration. Does anybody think that a licensed bank regulated by Donald Trump's appointees would foreclose on him? I mean this is just rife with corruption, and it's why presidents of the United States should not be running businesses.

Or to put it another way, it’s why a “businessman” like Trump should not be president of the United States.

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