— UPDATED: 2/17/13 8:51pm

I see an ad on the site that goes against what I believe.

Crooks and Liars has a lot of expense to run, so we can not limit the ads we receive. We also welcome the views of all sides of the political spectrum on our site, so an ad you may consider offensive may be welcomed by another viewer. We do not have the ability to accept or reject ads, so we have no control over what appears. Since the ads rotate chances are it will be gone in the near future.

Can I advertise on Crooks and Liars?

Yes! Please contact to discuss rates, sizes and formats available.

How does an ad know who I am?

Some ad services, such as Amazon, will use their account information for you to generate an ad. All personal information is transferred from your browser directly to Amazon, and Crooks and Liars can never intercept this information.

I am seeing an ad for a local company. How do they know where I live?

These ad services use a technique called geo-targeting. They use your computers IP address and look it up in a database to determine what part of the country you are in. These databases never give exact addresses, but only a general area, and is not always accurate.