Glenn Beck's Little F-Bomb "Mistake"

Glenn Beck summarizes the terrible news that Socialists are now demonstrating in Chicago, the camera pans to a sign calling for the US to open their f*&king borders at about 8 seconds in. Accidental or on purpose?

Of course, he behaves as though it's a complete accident, facepalming and saying "Oops, don't show that to my audience!" In my opinion, it was entirely intentional to drive home his theory to his fearful doddering audience that Socialists are crude, profane, anti-American idiots.

I included the rest of the clip here, because the next part is just bizarre. Evidently in Beck's world, electric power and heat are privileges. His reasoning for this seems to be related to the fact that there was no electric power or heat in the United States when it was formed. Um...ok.

I use Beck as a bellwether for the next wave of conservative lunacy, and more is coming. As usual, the targets are those least able to defend themselves -- the poor. Beck kicks off the meme with this:

Not good. They're ready for revolution, and they're ready for revolution now.

It's not good. In Detroit, the Committee Against Utility Shutoffs has staged a protest. The Committee is a branch of the Socialist Equality Party and they are saying now utilities are also a social right. I'm not sure exactly how that works because -- [stutters] -- except for the last 150 years we didn't have any power at all, so how is that a universal right?

I guess Glenn wants us to go back to huntin' bear and dressing in bearskin, eh?

As utility companies are increasingly privatized and/or run by private concerns, rates go up. As rates go up, those least able to afford them are shut off. Programs like LIHEAP are stretched beyond their capacity as it is, and speculators continue to drive prices up, shutting more and more people out of their ability to pay.

Watch for it to become the next big target. First they come for the jobs. Then they hit the pensions, home equity and savings. Finally, they shut off the lights. And Glenn Beck laughs.


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