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Coretta Scott King: R.I.P

Coretta Scott King: R.I.P "Coretta Scott King, who turned a life shattered by her husband's assassination into one devoted to enshrining his legacy o

TDS: Oprah Vs News

The Daily Show had a great bit comparing Oprah's take down on Frey (we know her first response was idiotic on Larry King) and how the media treats ac

Our LIberal Media

Some might be wondering when one of these bastions of the supposed "liberal media" is going to give a show to - stay with me now - an actual liberal?.

Comments Still Down

You can access them and post your own still using these directions. I'm waiting for haloscan to get back to me.

You Can Post Comments

C&L reader Michael sent me this code: using this url:<number> Where <number> is the article

Digby Nails It

Digby discusses what happened this weekend much better than I did. (Comments seem to be down. It must be haloscan)

Hats To Everyone

Everyone should feel really proud of the effort they put forth this weekend. We actually turned some votes (Diane Feinstein ) and John Kerry put his n

Condi's Follies

I thought this is the lady that was going to bring peace to the middle east? Condi Rice, January 29, 2006: "I don't know anyone who wasn't caught of

New DCCC Ad Aginst The SOTU

Check out the ad here : Rubberstamp Website. The Center for American Progress Action Fund/Think Progress is hosting a little SOTU party in conjuncti

NARAL On Alito

FiredogLake: "The announcement this morning that Lincoln Chaffee would vote "no" on Alito but "yes" on cloture was a hollow gesture to NARAL and the p