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Mike's Blog Round Up

Don't missTHIS !! Sigh*...Another column, another Ronnie reference...guess Washington never got around to passing those necrophilia laws... DIRELAND

Bush And Bianca

Bush and Bianca More fun with Bush [media id=13745]-WMP [media id=13746]-QT Ahhh Bianca? Nobody named Bianca?

Is Bush Drinking?

I haven't posted about this National Enquirer story until now. I talked to an ex-employee over at NE and he will give us the low down on what they do

Jon Who? The Daily What?

Jon who? The Daily what? Wonkette pointed me to this story. "Reporter: Senator, what do you think of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”? Sen

Mike's Blog Round Up

A Catholic, West Indian black Republican wonders: Why Am I (Still) A Republican? Hey General Honore? You work for us. So fuck you, and answer the god