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Live From Lebanon

Ya Libnan! Ya Libnan is a news site that focuses on the unfolding situation in Lebanon. Ya Libnan posts exclusive pictures, articles and editorials o

Jumping The Shark

Jeff Jarvis has a take, which caused Hugh Hewitt to have a hissy fit; but only the Rude One knows what the Shark is all about.

Blogging Thru The Earthquake

I have been in both California earthquakes, in 89' and in 94'. In 89', I was in my car and after the shaking stopped, I opened the car door and in a s

The Pull-quote:

Privatizers Getting Desperate via Think Progress On Thursday, privatization-pushers released a deceptive “research briefing” with excerpts

Why People Are Surprised

via Think Progress Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, 3/27/05: [T]he real problem is that the conflict hasn’t ended…I think peop

Amanda Marcotte

Wow. Respectful of Otters Everyone already reads the brilliant of Mousewords, who is now permanently at Pandagon - right? She took my breath away tod

Take Back The Times

Tim Rutten Column on Schiavo Case Constitutes Authoritative Catholic View Tim Rutten's column in Saturday's Calendar section, March 26, constitutes a