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TCF's post because he can use the traffic. Something to do with 'The Impeachment Option'

Drudge Is One Sick Man

This is the front page story as his assault on Hillary continues: RAGE AT AUTHOR AFTER CLAIM: BILL RAPED HILLARY, CONCEIVED CHELSEA.

Downing Street Memo Video

Here's a video that was put together by the Downing Street Memo folks. [media id=13294]-WMP only "It's tempting in the flurry of minutes and memos

Russert Watch

via Arianna Huffington: Meet Read The Press" Watch: If there’s a Russert formula beyond just being the Hack in Chief of the Beltwaystocracy, it


CNN Reliable Sources: Biased media buries Downing Street Memo Democrats are finally fighting back against a media that is soft on Bush and has burie

When Conservatives Collide

Fox Sunday: Hume and Kristol bicker over Gitmo fate While Bill Kristol and the other panelists at Fox News Sunday seemed to agree that Gitmo might b

Presidential Salvage Job

via Politcal Wire: With President Bush's approval rating falling rapidly, Craig Crawford outlines a possible "comeback strategy." "The president can


Fox Sunday: Is Gitmo Gulag or Gourmet Bistro? Is Gitmo a legal blackhole where detainees are tortured without due process or is it Cuba's hottest di

The Kleining Of Joe

"You know, at this point, the Democrats are a party with absolutely no redeeming social value." -- Joe Klein, The Chris Matthews Show, 6/12 [medi


Fox NewsWatch: Downing Memo; Hillary Slams Press Fox News Watch discuss Sen. Hillary Clinton's comments about how the media does not do its' job wh