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Injudicious Limericks

Madeleine Begun Kane Senator Frist is poised to exercise the “nuclear option,” altering filibuster rules and creating a constitutional cri

Neil Horsley And The Mule

Dc Media Girl has some extensive coverage of the "Muleman" Horsley and Bestiality Week . Here's a letter that I wrote to old Neal via the Great Jes


Cornyn On The Court? via Captiol Buzz John Cornyn's name has recently surfaced as a potential Supreme Court nominee, according to several Capitol Hi

The Swift Report

New Poll Finds Most Americans 'Scared to Death' of Activist Judges According to a recent poll, the majority of Americans fear activist judges more t


Olbermann: an honest report on the Newsweek retraction Video of last night's segment. [media id=13155]-WMP-link will be working shortly, the server