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Exit Strategy?

Exit Strategy? Walter in Denver Just a reminder: Even justified foreign interventions can have unintended long term consequences. Catching U.S. o

Happy Birthday To You

Mr. Atrios is three years old. Kos says it best in : 0 to 60 in three short years

Is This The New Cover Of TIME?

via Daily Kos The love affair between the SCLM and the extreme Right Wing continues apace. is Ann Coulter. She's perky! She's cute! She makes fun

Hagel May Vote Against Bolton

Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska was asked whether he would endorse Bolton. "At this point, I will ... but I have been troubled with more and more alleg

Tom Friedman, You Ignorant Slut!

On Real Time 4/15, Thomas Friedman was making the argument that attacks on U.S. soil wouldn't have much of an impact on Middle Eastern leaders ."So if

Delay Compares His Plight With Clinton

I have been watched and investigated probably more than Bill Clinton. They can't find anything on me, so they are going back to my childhood, going ba