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Fox News Host: Repeat After Me

via NY Daily News: If the conservative guests on Fox News' "Hannity and Colmes" sound especially on-message, that's because they're being coached by t

Valuable New Site

Some enterprising Angelinos have developed a valuable new website called Watching America which is the first of its kind. They present links to news

Conservatives Are So Desperate That...

They actually are attacking cartoonists now. I was going to put up the video of the Hannity and Colmes segment when Comcast went down. Media Matters h

David B. Chalmers

Texas Businessman Indicted in Iraq Oil-for-Food Program NY Times: Dramatically broadening the scandal surrounding the United Nations Oil-for-Food prog

We Put Up Classified Blogads

They are much cheaper than the regular ads but only deal in text. I want to dump Google ads because they seem to like to run the Conservative Book Clu


via Eschaton: Lovely. WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Bush administration is impeding an investigation into the Education Department's hiring of commentator