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Beyond The Pale

by Ornicus The hatemongers of the right-wing pundit class are always pushing the envelope, trying to top each other with fresh outrages that continua

Video Clip Of Humor.

Robert Novak talks to Armstrong Williams today on Crossfire and tries to help him out by saying that Williams isn't bound by journalistic ethics. No

More On Armstrong Williams

... He says that he strongly supports the No Child Left Behind program that he so vehemently promoted. Williams said he understands that critics co

Opposing Albert Gonzales...

because, The Poor Man says, he is on the record as believing that the Geneva Conventions are "quaint" is understandable, but not quite the point. The

Hit And Run

Da Judge on Civil Liberties Fox News Channel's Judge Andrew Napolitano, the hardest-hitting civil libertarian on cable, laid into the Intelligence Re