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The Rambo Coalition

August 24, 2004OP-ED COLUMNIST The Rambo CoalitionBy PAUL KRUGMAN lmost a year ago, on the second anniversary of 9/11, I predicted "an ugly, bitter c

Another Coincidence?

It's yet another one of those coincidences that seem to hound Fearless Leader. Via Josh Marshall: If President Bush really wants to tell the Swift Boa

A Swift[boat] Kick

A Swift Kick It's long been obvious that the war will decide the election. Only now it looks like Vietnam, not Iraq.How did we get to the point where

Brent Bozell's Undying Rage

The Gadflyer: Last night I appeared on Fox News' O'Reilly Factor, debating Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center (he’s the one with red hair

Bob Dole Should Know Better.

After Bob Dole's remarks on CNN, Mr Marshall had this to say: Today Bob Dole suggested that one or more of John Kerry's Purple Hearts may have been f

Quote Of The Day...

"Politics is the exploitation of loop holes and opportunities for the Benefit of your candidate." Thomas Oliphant