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It's Hard Work...

As of October 3, 2003, George W. Bush had spent 250 days on vacation. That's over 90 days more than Clinton had accumulated in his first seven years a

Republican Spin On Debate

Republicans have attempted to spin the first presidential debate in favor of President George W. Bush by distorting a statement Senator John Kerry mad

Too Funny

RIGHT WING DESPERATE SMEAR OF THE DAY: Trying to distract from President Bush's lackluster performance in last week's debate, the right-wing spin mach

Global Test

from Brad DeLong Thomas Jefferson thought that the United States's actions needed to meet a global test: The Declaration of Independence: When... i

Frank Rich,

The Passion of the Bush at the New York Times writes about the the DVD being released to counter the DVD release of Fahrenheit 911. 300,000 copies of

Tune In

Our friend, David Bender, reports that he's become the new political director for Air America Radio. I know, I don't get Air America. But