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Taboo Topics - The Big Elephant all spin zone Why is it that some subjects are off-limits for discussion? There are topics that make even the most har

Apartheid Regime

Abramoff and South Africa's War and Piece The post below reminded me of something I was told about Abramoff last year, in the context of researchi

Email From China

You really have no idea how important you are to us. We live in an ACTUAL police state. It is interesting, but a police state none the less. It is won

NPC Conference Video Highlights

John at AmericaBlog live blogged it. Gannon used a green map to show how red the country is. He goes to a widely publicized event and uses green in

Mike's Blog Round Up Has Been Updated!

Click here or go to the left side of the column to check it out. Mike is really enjoying this, so please keep the emails coming. Soon I'll have his em

Open Letter To The Media

via Liberal Oasis: Subject: Know Your (Blogging) Enemy-(excerpts) ...Which implies that there is something wrong with “both sides,” namely,

Colombia 'Will Not Try US Troops'

on Drug smuggling A group of US soldiers arrested for alleged cocaine smuggling cannot be allowed to stand trial in Colombia, Washington's envoy to

Political Hackery/ Pope TV

The recent Peabody award winner vies for a third, as The Daily Show exposes the politicians that spin the Pope's teaching for political gain. Vide

Making Up Stories

Making Up Stories Rox Populi Now that the gang at Powerline and Michelle Malkin have been proven again to be the the lying tools that they are (uh,

Quote Of The Day

Quote of the Day American Blog Party     "Nations, like men, often march to the beat of different drummers, and the precise

Hughes For America Typepad

Rep. Tom Cole keeping his eyes on the prize Somebody cue up a mournful, yet optimistic, spiritual, because the Republicans think they're marching on