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Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, a potential presidential candidate in 2008, sold all his stock in his family's hospital corporation about two weeks

Tucker Carlson Vs Bill Maher

Tucker Carlson vs Bill Maher The two sparred over Katrina. Guess who won? Here's the transcript. [media id=13756]-WMP Bittorrent-WMP [media id=1375

Katrina Costs Dividing The GOP

Katrina costs dividing the GOP The Washington Post is reporting: "Congressional Republicans from across the ideological spectrum yesterday rejected

Mike's Blog Round Up

Not a lefty blog, but sober-minded market analysts, the Prudent Bear surveys the wreckage and observes that BUSHCO is "neither compassionate nor conse

British Soldiers: Chaos In Iraq

I had a few emails on this today, but with my site undergoing some changes I didn't get to it. Americablog has the story. This is wild: "British tr

Is Bolton The Plame Leak?

Arianna has the details: "I'm now hearing that the investigation may be inching closer to never-confirmed UN Ambassador John Bolton. According to two

Video: Cindy Sheehan Booted

Heres the footage of Cindy being (Updated) escorted by NYPD. [media id=13758]-WMP [media id=13759]-QT (courtesy of Third Planet Video) Village Vo

Sen. Reid Will Vote Against Roberts

Reid has a message for Bush on Roberts... Meanwhile, Alan Dershowitz wrote a scathing article on Chief Justice Rehnquist. "....All this, for refus

FEMA's Failures

Emailer Lane: "Dr. Perlmutter's appearance on CNN last night describing how FEMA was leaving dozens and dozens of people to die while denying doctors

Does The Home Page Load Faster?

I'm still working on the re-design, but it seems that the homepage is loading much faster now. Update-The permalink isn't working

Maureen Dowd: In The Harsh Limelight

...In a ruined city -- still largely without power, stinking with piles of garbage and still 20 percent submerged; where people are foraging in the mi