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Religious Objections Trump Rape At SMU

via Un poeta loco : University Policy Allows Doctors at Student Health Center to Refuse Morning-After Pill So, when I read today in the SMU Daily Cam

Armando Has An Excellent Diary Over At

Time to Leave the Table E.J. Dionne Jr : There is a name for those who continue to sit at a gambling table even after they learn that the game is fixe

Air America Phoenix Radio Interview

(Update)-Here I go again. I guess you might say I'm a little nervous. Anyway, I do feel a little uncomfortable doing promotion, but I'm grateful for t

Joe Scarborough Issues An Apology

via Fair: Earlier in the week, MSNBC produced a segment that was to discuss a skit from Air America's Randi Rhodes Show (4/25/05) Joe Scarborough turn


Drop in terrorist threats Not In My Bible Especially since the morning of election day last fall. I guess this makes me Chicken Big, the one who keeps

Continue Reading "When Morpheus Comes

When Morpheus Comes Thomas Paine's Corner Just as the Matrix offered a pleasant fiction to humans in exchange for their subordination to the machine w

Mission Accomplished...two Years On

The Next Left It is two years to the day since Bush's flight-suit "mission accomplished" theatrics. And despite all the smoke and mirrors, the horrib

Randall Terry Is Back!

via World O' Crap Randall Terry was bankrupt (financially, socially, and morally), and basically sidelined after he married his young assistant and

Inherit The Wind-Part Duex

Cinema films from the 50-60's that capture the rapture of today's right wing agenda. The present: 5/2/05 Evolution is going on trial in Kansas Eig