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Wasting Time

Seems to me that Congress has more important things to do.

Imus Smacks Down Joe Lieberman

Imus Smacks down Joe Lieberman Don Imus had a long talk with Joe and pounded him with questions about his latest article in the WSJ. Joe parrots ever

Andrea Mitchell Watch

Jane and I will keep the pressure on. As she says: "Oh those nasty bloggers and their mean questions. We should all just go back to posting vacation

The Word

The Word Colbert talks about Canadian bribes equaling up to 1.1 million(Canadian)and the party got booted out. [media id=14119]-WMP [media id=14120]

Open Thread

Tomorrow might end up to be a light posting day. The trip to NY took it's toll on me and I'm kinda hurtin'


The creeps at Newsmax say that John McCain just loves torture. More Newsmax lunacy.

Abbott An Costello

Abbott and Costello UPI: "U.S. forces are obliged to stop inhumane treatment wherever they see it in Iraq, Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Ch

What CIA Investigation?

What CIA investigation? Right around the time Patrick Fitzgerald indicted Scooter Libby, Bob Woodward, Andrea Mitchell and Tucker Carlson have all b

Bill O'Reilly Goes Nuts

O'Reilly went ballistic today on his "Radio Factor," and announced that he is naming names and taking no prisoners. Just give a listen. This is hilar

Update On Al Jazeera Memos

The memo is at the centre of a legal case under the Official Secrets act against two men: an alleged civil servant leaker, and the MP's researcher who

The Bill O'Reilly Smear List

The Bill O'Reilly Smear List Come on people, you aren't working hard enough to get me on the list. I've done my job. Here's the list. (hat tip Cut

Plan B

Plan B 60 Minutes, had an excellent report on the controversy surrounding the decision not to make Plan B an over the counter medication. [media i

Write To Comedy Central

Bill Donohue is launching an email campaign against Dennis Learys. "Merry F#%$in' Christmas," special which airs on Comedy Central. Here's the news re