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Open Thread

Let's play a game of "Name That Representative" In August of 1966, a young Republican Congressman from Illinois gave a lengthy speech about

What's Up With Disney?

Digby has a great post up: Disney and The Dobsonites Are Disney and ABC becoming willing tools of the right wing? Or are they simply currying favor w

More On ABC's 9/11 Mini Series...

Are you wondering if ABC actually did only target right wing blogs in their effort to promote their new mini series? Look no further than to the Cowar

An Army Of Some

Winning Hearts and Minds: The rules posted on the wall of the Marine base in Barwana concisely summed up the American predicament in Iraq: Be polite,

Free Speech On The Internet

CBS5 (San Francisco) The California Supreme Court is set to hear arguments in San Francisco Tuesday on whether someone who posts a defamatory comment

Mike's Blog Round Up

NPR Check: If our side kills 'em, they must be militants Confined Space: Throwaway Workers...Marc McDonald explains how unions help the economy. Unde

Is Hillary Reconsidering?

Times UK Online: Friends of Hillary Clinton have been whispering the unthinkable. Despite her status as the runaway frontrunner for the 2008 Democrat