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John Edwards Praises Bloggers

via Wapo: The former vice presidential candidate this week released his first podcast, an online audio recording featuring Edwards and his wife, Eli

The Pull-quote:

Privatizers Getting Desperate via Think Progress On Thursday, privatization-pushers released a deceptive “research briefing” with excerpts

Why People Are Surprised

via Think Progress Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, 3/27/05: [T]he real problem is that the conflict hasn’t ended…I think peop

Amanda Marcotte

Wow. Respectful of Otters Everyone already reads the brilliant of Mousewords, who is now permanently at Pandagon - right? She took my breath away tod

A Real Conservative's Take On Delay

via Ballon-Juice "As I have stated repeatedly, I am a Republican and a conservative. Tom DeLay represents the worst of all of us, and in my mind is n

Take Back The Times

Tim Rutten Column on Schiavo Case Constitutes Authoritative Catholic View Tim Rutten's column in Saturday's Calendar section, March 26, constitutes a

Bethlehem Blog   

to the barricades "Palestinians and internationals living in the Bethlehem region have started a weblog. They want to tell the world what it is like

Schiavo "Push Poll?"

Mystery Pollster Another day, another polling controversy. The latest involves a survey released last Monday by ABC News that shows 63 to 28 percent

Not A Blog...but Extremely Useful - Shut The FOX Up! Purchasing a FOX Blocker and telling the advertisers at FOX News why you did it will encourage advertisers spendin

The Flawed Report On Dan Rather

The Flawed Report on Dan Rather By James C. Goodale (Adjunct Professor at Fordham Law School, is the former Vice Chairman and General Counsel of The

Bush And Schiavo

BUSH AND SCHIAVO via Kevin Drum From Sunday Morning Talk: As Dubya starts to see his numbers slide, This Week reported that the Bush admini

Crooks And Liars Editors

Robert Shaw from the LA Times asks the question: Do bloggers deserve basic journalistic protections? He writes: "When I or virtually any other mains