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Santorum: Keep The Mom At Home

Captial Buzz has some excerpts of little Ricki's new book. I say this man is really an embarrassment to the Italian heritage. Didn't President Bush sa

Chin Up, Liberals

Chin Up, Liberals – The Fourth Is Our Day The Yellow Dog Blog: I think it's very possible for those of us on the left to feel a bit empty and ch

Roger Ailes ( The Good One)

Armstrong Williams, Idiot Only a rag like Townhall would publish a disgraced former employee of the Department of Education. via Atrios

Valerie Plame-Wilson Article

The NY Times has a very interesting piece for tomorrow. Reading through it, an intensly nauseating feeling coarsed through my veins; the thought of wh


via the heretik: JOE McCARTHY . . . And McCarthy Speaks From Beyond the Grave to Say . . . Mixing up the messenger Durbin with the message FBI report

King Of Zembla

Hollywood Liberals Courtesy of our tireless colleagues at Cursor: George Bush, according to Survey USA, enjoys a 50% or better approval rating in onl

Learning To Be Okay

First Draft Over the three years I've been on medication for depression I've heard milder variations of the kind of invective Tom Cruise is throwin

United Church Of Christ

The United Church of Christ’s rule-making body voted overwhelmingly Monday to approve a resolution that endorses same-sex marriage, making it the

Breaking News....

From the C&L news ticker.... Dr. Ed Siegel, a psychiatrist wants to officially change the key of the Star Spangled Banner from Bb to G...... SIEG

Pink Floyd

From Live 8-update I just a aquired more from Live 8. An effort to raise awareness about poverty and to encourage leaders of the G8 nations to forgiv