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Friedman And Katrina

Friedman and Katrina ...Last year, we cut the National Science Foundation budget, while indulging absurd creationist theories in our schools and pass

Baghdad Blasts Kills 75

A suicide car bomber killed at least 75 people when it ripped through a gathering of day laborers waiting for work on Wednesday morning in one of Bagh

Roberts Hearing Video Highlights

Roberts Hearing Video Highlights Countdown put together a little montage of the proceedings today. [media id=13798]-WMP [media id=13799]-QT (thes

Bush Apologizes-Video

Bush Apologizes With his poll numbers dropping like a rock, President Bush apologized to the nation for the feds handling of Katrina. This is about

How To Pray

The General has figured out the best way for all of us to pray to God effectively.

John Roberts On Privacy

Armando is furiously watching the hearing. In his questioning of Judge John Roberts this morning, Senator Arlen Specter asked detailed and searching

Blogads Is Running Slow

Apparently Americablog is having the same problem: Blogads is having a dns problem which means their ads are holding up the site.

Write Your Own Caption

Rox Populi Armando has an update on the hearings: Opening the door "In his questioning of Judge John Roberts this morning, Senator Arlen Specter ask

Mike's Blog Round Up

Craig’s Thoughts, Theories and Tantrums: Exxon will post a $10 billion profit this quarter. Syndicated Clear Channel radio host Glenn Beck refer

John Roberts Opening Statement

Armando: Umpire In his opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Bush nominee to replace the late Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehn