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Fanatical Apathy: The early returns in Iraq point to a victory for....Iran! Iddybud: Pious GOP frauds show us who they really are. They talk incessan

FOX Carolina-Video

Think Progress has the video of the supremacist segment.

Ted Stevens: Crocodile Tears

Stevens broke down after his latest attempt to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was defeated. Ted tried to use the defense spendin

John Gibson "Unhinged" Yet Again

I'm sure you all saw Gibson blowing a gasket yesterday, well he apparently wasn't finished. The CarpetBagger: "... A couple of hours after Gibson's

Mile's Blog Round Up

These guys lie about everything. Oh, and that Appeals Court crap that the NR has been flogging? It's another lie. Think Progress has been on the case,

Please No!

Hugh Hewitt mentioning Uriah Heep in a sentence about Judge Robertson: "When he resigns his lifetime seat in protest, I'll be impressed. But pardon

New York Strike

Steve Gilliard says that people are supporting the unions so far. Being a New Yorker for many years, I know what happens when a major strike occurs in

Country Joe And The Fish

Joe Biden, the man who hasn't found a talk show he doesn't like, (word is that he called Al Gore and asked if Current TV had a slot opening, but was s