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JUMPIN JACK FLASH via Max Speak via Escahton I'm at Jack's place. The Trustees' report was supposed to be up at 11:30 a.m., and so far it's 20 min

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via SeeTheForrest Visit a random webog from the loooongggg "Links to Other Weblogs" blogroll a ways down the left column here. There are so many good

American Justice

Politics in the Zeros Ex-prosecutor says he kept Jews off juries A former prosecutor's claim that he conspired with a judge to keep Jewish jurors o


Thou Shall Not Watch Movies on a Very Large Screen For crying out loud Several Imax theaters, including some in science museums, are refusing to sh

Best Brooks Ever???

Vague Nihilism This is the David Brooks column which attracted the attention and praise of Kos. Wow, David Brooks rails against greedy Republicans l


An older all-volunteer army The Next Left Stung by a recruitment shortfalls and skepticism about Bush's war in Iraq, the Army is raising the maximum a


Possible Quote of the Year It's Our Leader with a mouthful, after signing the Drive-by Veggie Act of 2005. He's just adorable at this point, no? Give

American Idol Hits Some High Notes

Carrie Underwood and Nikko Smith smoked on American Idol last night. I've found that the singers have been inconsistent this season, but Tuesday's s

The Moderate Voice On The Shiavo Case

If you hear a weird noise tonight, it could be the sound of conservative icons Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan turning over in their graves. Senato