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Pulitzer Prize In Blogging.

A reader is nominating me for the honor. A letter will be sent to the board. That means when I get a call, interview, mention or whatever; I'll be abl

Donation Drive

Thanks to everyone so far. :-) Just two days more. If you care to make a donation to the site click here for Pay Pal. You can also find "Donation" bu

Ben Stein Is A Big Fat Liar

Eric takes a look at him: The media includes many liars. But to claim that the US would have won the war in Vietnam, and also would have won a full-sc

Suffer The Idiots

Nice Supreme Court we Have: Court Rules Against Pot for Sick People If there was money to make and Pfizer(Viagra=blindenss) and Merck (Vioxx=heart at


MSNBC: Judge rules "no fraud" in WA Gov. Election A Washington judge rules against Republican Rossi in his challenge to take the 2004 election away

Arthur Silber

THE PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN CONTINUES - , the fine author of " The Light of Reason" has kindly penned an excellent article for Crooks and Liars called:

Deep Throated

Richard Ben-Veniste trashs G.Gordon Liddy to his face on Fox News Sunday. [media id=13342]-WMP link still uploading:be a few mins. Sometimes when y