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Open Thread

Mean Girlz... The stuff they are saying about Pelosi is disgusting.

John McCain Floppin' Around

Here's the video from my earlier link---although it has much more than his views on Roe v Wade. [media id=16705]-WMP [media id=16706]-QT He st

Tester And Webb

Newly elected Democratic Senators Jim Webb and Jon Tester were guests on Meet the Press today. Yeaaaa. [media id=16701]-WMP [media id=16702]-QT Her

The Nuts Are Loose At The LA Times

Here we go. Joshua Muravchik now writes in Hiller's LA Times that: "WE MUST bomb Iran" This was the neocons plan all along. Bush's

Mike's Blog Roundup

TPMCafe: Iraq was always headed for de facto partition, and it has always been headed for a reboot of the dictator software. There never was any Democ

Talk Show Sunday

What's happening on the shows? Christy usually has the lineups by now.