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C&L Interviews Joe Dante

I had the chance to interview the great Horror and Sci-Fi director Joe Dante a little while back. His latest work is called "Homecoming," which was s

John Dean On Olbermann

John Dean on Olbermann << "> Dean joins Keith to discuss the latest on the "warrantless wiretapping." (Transcript)-updated the post DEAN

Mike's Blog Round Up

Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Mel Gibson on Evolution Looking for Someone to Lie to Me: Yoo can't be serious. The Revealer: Reporters and activi

Thursday Night Funnies

We all make mistakes, it happens. I've had to correct a headline, many a typo and pasted in the wrong "url" for you to link to from time to time. Afte

Steno Sue

Here, here, and here The Washington Post pays this lady a salary to print articles like this and yet I'm the one that gets nasty emails from journali

Wesley Clark: No Case For War

Wesley Clark: No case for war Wesley Clark examines the President's case for the Iraq war on FOX. The phony debate that without the WMD hype, there

Torture Memos In The UK

Picking up where John Yoo left off: "Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray is defying a gag-order and publishing torture memos on his

John Yoo's: Torture On A Half Shell

This story has been around for a little while now, but I had to play the audio clip of this exchange. As Arthur states very clearly in his excellent


Liars "Media reports that U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay had convinced the state's highest court to hear his appeal were as widely circulated as they were, wel

Mike's Blog Round Up

War and Piece: Incredible story about the guy behind the Lincoln Group. Sisyphus Shrugged: Cause the strike, exaggerate the effects, then blame other