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Juan Cole V.S. Jonah Goldberg

Via Kos Damn, I'm glad Juan Cole is on our side. Jonah Goldberg attacked yours truly in a column recently. I think it is time to be frank about some

The Purple Finger Debate

Only Right wingers and their blogs can take a really cute 10-year-old girl's idea and turn it into a PR stunt on national T.V.; once again proving tha

DOD Payola Website

Pentagon sites: Journalism or propaganda? From Barbara Starr and Larry Shaughnessy CNN WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The U.S. Department of Defense plans t

Bush On Social Security In 1978

BY KAREN OLSSON (hat tip APFN) According to Gary Ott, who was then a reporter for the Plainview Daily Herald, Bush stopped by the paper’s littl

Ed Cone Writes:

At least she's honest -- The Wall Street Journal's Mary Anastasia O'Grady is bragging about Bush's plan to end Social Security as we know it: "George

Jon Stewart On 60 Minutes?

From The New Yorker/Metro:...But CBS News executives insist that Moonves has no plans to put Stewart on the Evening News. If anything, Stewart is cons


You mean Ted Kennedy was Right? The Right Wing Noise Machine was all over Kennedy for actually having the audacity to suggest that the U.S. should pu

Banned Bud Light Commercial

A spoof of last year's Janet Jackson "costume malfunction" at the Super Bowl half time show will not be aired. Video Let's skin...

Rumsfeld Update In Video

Rummy appeared on Larry King and did indeed submit his resignation, not once but twice! Video He twice offered his resignation to President Bush ov

Michelle Malkin

Well she's at it again. Last week I emailed her about her obvious false statement that Andrew Sullivan is a lefty blogger. Of course no response. She

High School Basket Ball Brawl

Police needed tasers to subdue this melee between two high schools in Alabama. Video I've been in hostile basketball games before back in High schoo

We Could Have Been Free!

Rumsfeld Says He Offered to Resign Over Abu Ghraib By Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said on Thursday he twi