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Mike's Blog Round Up

LAist: Interview with a reporter who left the LA Times because the MSM approach to reporting the news "is not really concerned with depicting the

Gerstein Muzzled

Wow--how things have changed for Dan the man . Rumor is whiny Dan Gerstein isn't going to be chatting with the press much anymore and instead we're g

Help Support Jazz In New Orleans

Most of the Jazz institutions were destroyed... Jude Law, Douglas Brinkley, and Irvin Mayfield are helping "the Music for Tomorrow."benef

Olbermann: Rummy Reloaded

Rumsfeld had an editorial in yesterday's L.A. Times, trying to "clarify" what he said to the American Legion this week. Last night, Keith O

Mike's Blog Round Up

d r i f t g l a s s: From A to Z in the G-Dub alphabet The Gaelic Starover: Apparently, the National Review believes that aversion among Catholics to

I Wouldn't Want To Admit It, Either

Rasmussen Reports conducts a national tracking poll of 15,000 voters per month, and in its latest round of polling, they found fewer and fewer people