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Rick Gets 50,000 Volts

via DC Media Girl In a segment last Wednesday on the program "Paula Zahn Now," for example, Rick Sanchez, a former local news anchor who worked for M

Associated Press 

U.S. bars Italians from examining victim’s car ROME — The U.S. military command in Iraq has blocked two Italian policemen from examining th

Will Jeb Bush Try And Kidnap Her?

Gov. Bush Seeks to Take Custody of Schiavo Jeb Bush and the state's social services agency filed a petition in state court to take custody of Schiav

Trustee's Social Security Report

Will our liberal media say that Bush lied when he said Social Security will be bankrupt? Will our liberal Media say that Bush lied when he said Social

Fake News And The White House

Christopher Lee writes in The Washington Post about the memos the White House sent out last week, insisting "that it is legal for federal agencies to

Tom Delay And Bill Frist Speech

via American United (our thanks to AU) The Family Research Council, a Washington-based Religious Right group, held a closed-door “Washington Bri


JUMPIN JACK FLASH via Max Speak via Escahton I'm at Jack's place. The Trustees' report was supposed to be up at 11:30 a.m., and so far it's 20 min

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via SeeTheForrest Visit a random webog from the loooongggg "Links to Other Weblogs" blogroll a ways down the left column here. There are so many good