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Remember The Denver Three?

ACLU sues over the booting of a few people from a Bush event because they dared to flash a bumper sticker....

CIA Veterans Condemn Torture

CIA Veterans Condemn Torture Jason Vest has a great piece: "...Although outrage has focused on the existence and symbolism of the black sites, compar

Neo-Con Kool-aid

Dick Cheney Speech Today Neo-Con Kool-aid? I'm a little under the weather so I'll leave the analysis up to you as you watch the Vice President and h

TDS On Cheney

Stewart catches Cheney re-writing history himself. [media id=14167]-WMP Hat tip (NorthernFence) [media id=14168]-QT

The Horowitz Rag

One of Bill O'Reilly's non-partisan, non-smear websites would like to see John Kerry and Ted Kennedy hanged....

The 19% Solution

The 19% Solution Dick Cheney will be giving a speech today at the American Enterprise Institute on the war. I know the White House is desperate, but

I'm Home

It was a sad weekend, but I'm glad I was able to be there for Anthony's wife and family. It was good to see all my old friends, (many Billy Jack type

Bush: Where's The Exit

Bush: Where's the exit? (graphic via Atrios) [media id=14169] [media id=14170]-QT (hat tip-LZ) It's tough trying to exit stage left-or-right-or

Washington Post Rebukes Bob Woodward

Washington Post rebukes Bob Woodward The Washington Post's ombudsman rebuked journalist Bob Woodward on Sunday for withholding what he knew about the

Sunday Sermonette: Isaac Asimov

Sunday Sermonette: Isaac Asimov This week, I have the privilege of introducing C&L readers to the Sunday Sermonette. Revere explains how this blog

Tom DeLay's Hot Tub Party Continues

Tom DeLay's Hot Tub Party Continues Reddhedd says Michael Scanlon has cut a deal with the Justice Department: "Who is Michael Scanlon? He was Jack Abr

Drug War Corruption

Do you remember the story of the Guatemalan drug agents who were luredto the United States for a sting operation to bust them forcorruption? Well, Pet