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Operation Swarmer Was A Ruse

Taylor: "But contrary to what many many television networks erroneously reported, the operation was by no means the largest use of airpower since the

Evan Bayh

...Before he spoke, Bayh told reporters that he does not support efforts by Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., another potential 2008 presidential candidate,

TDS: Bush-Iran-IED's-no Connection

Jon Stewart posted two clips that were of the most importance regarding Iran last night. Bush is trying to stir the pot and say Iran is supplying par

Mike's Round Up

Mike's Round Up Confined Space: The Senate confirmed Edwin G. Foulke Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational and Health. Foulke comes from a la

Late Night Open Thread

I wanted to thank Taylor Marsh for doing a wonderful job with the "Good Night and Good Luck," contest. I haven't been feeling very good the last coupl

Tweety Is Amazed

Media Matters: MATTHEWS: I always thought Bush was more popular than his policies. I keep saying it, and I keep being wrong on this. Bush is not popu

Bush's Favorite Democrat

Why is Joe Lieberman mad when that's as truthful of a depiction that I've heard about him and his relationship with Bush? Why else was there speculati

A Bush List

John's making a list of: "I want to compose a real list of every idiocy, every scandal, every mistake, everything..." I'd say C&L has many of the

Picking On Protesters

Mr. Wizner joined Keith Olbermann and talked about this important issue. Who really are considered terrorists? [media id=14947]-WMP [media id=14948]