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Among Other Nicknames for Our Greatest Embarrassments The Rittenhouse Review Herewith continues a recent Rittenhouse Review series about the most r


Fallujah: The Safest City in Iraq Which is sort of like saying San Quentin is the safest prison in California. Link: American forces claim that Fal

Florida Blues

What is wrong with these people?   Hypocrisy that borders on the psychotic. Where is the wingnut outrage over this? Do we hear about these two c

Take Back The Times

LAT Political Writer Dick Bergholz, One Of A Kind When the late political writer Richard Bergholz was writing for the L.A. Times, he used to sit well

In My Opinion...

War Pigs get what they deserve. On the walk to work today my iPod hit me with a stellar set of protest songs, completely at random. One of those, o


Rearranging The Deck Chairs Here’s a first ever TCFW Instant Push Poll for you dedicated readers and assorted lurkers. Q. Which of the followin

Judge Denies Schindler's Case

/ Appeal filed PINELLAS PARK, Fla. (Reuters) - A federal judge Tuesday rejected a request from the parents of Florida woman Terri Schiavo to reinsert

Judge Wittemore's Judicial Rulings

via Talk Left Judge James D. Wittemore of Tampa is bound to become the latest target of the right if he decides not to order the reinsertion of Terr

Obsidian Wings On Terri Shiavo

As I take a break, I flip thru the TV in time to see Terry Randall call Judge Greer and Michael Shiavo liars and scam artists. Earlier I heard others

AARP Kitchen Sink Commercial

If you had a problem with the kitchen sink, you wouldn't tear down the entire house. Click here Real Audio (Hat tip HF) Dick Cheney is in Bakersfi