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Olbermann crushing RW spin re Kerry's Downing St Minutes Statement It not only very clearly lays out what John Kerry actually said last Wednesday ab

The "I" Word

Reading A1 Hillary Clinton can kiss my progressive ass. Last week, as you're no doubt aware, the progressive "Take Back America" conference was get


No More Mister Nice Blog Caption of the photo that accompanies an article in today's Christian Science Monitor: POSTER BOY: Chris Bowler (left, with

Just Wired

Top 100 Greatest Americans Discovery Channel aired one of those annoying Top lists on Sunday. This time it was the Top 100 Greatest American list.

S.S. O'Reilly Sinks Like The Titanic

via Eschaton: The Thomas More Law Center’s “The Battle For American Values” cruise with Bill O’Reilly has been canceled. Just...

Pulitzer Prize In Blogging.

A reader is nominating me for the honor. A letter will be sent to the board. That means when I get a call, interview, mention or whatever; I'll be abl

Donation Drive

Thanks to everyone so far. :-) Just two days more. If you care to make a donation to the site click here for Pay Pal. You can also find "Donation" bu

Ben Stein Is A Big Fat Liar

Eric takes a look at him: The media includes many liars. But to claim that the US would have won the war in Vietnam, and also would have won a full-sc