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Mike's Blog Round Up

Rebellious Peasant: U.S. Holding Children as POW's The Heretik: the 'legal' beagles who have assured Junior Mint that it's OK to wipe his ass with th

How Much Money...

Does the GOP pay Hinderaker for printing the President's talking points? Is it by the word, article or a flat fee daily: Hinderaker: " I was hearte

Bush's Radio Address

Think Progress has some info: "For 24 hours, Bush and other top administration officials refused to confirm the existence of their secret domestic sp

It's Nice To Have Friends

Jane: "George W. Bush has picked new nominees for the FEC.-Bush is also appointing a Democrat, Robert D. Lenhard, who was quite helpful to the 1600 Cr

Flying Monkeys

Saturday funnies Looking for a guy with an appreciation for flying monkeys. JC responds...

The American Way Of Life

The American Way of Life Jesse has this: In October it began: [White House] The object of terrorism is to try to force us to change our way of life,

The Kippies

Voting is now open for The Kippies, brought to you by your friends at Diebold.

Mike's Blog Round Up

Mike's Blog Round Up Scrutiny Hooligans: Santa Declared Enemy Number One Daily Howler: NPR's other-worldly "logic." SpeakSpeak News: A look at the

Ex-GOP Official Guilty On 2 Charges

Ex-GOP official guilty on 2 charges "A jury yesterday convicted a former national Republican official of two telephone harassment charges for his ro

Amato On CNN Saturday

I made a web-cam appearance tonight that will be aired tomorrow on CNN's "On the Story." The show-times are Saturday from 7-8 p.m. ET and again on Sun