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Karen Hughes: "

It's the looting, stupid! Emailer Craig: "Karen Hughes, "Image Czar," claims that the looting, not our government's disgraceful, inept response to t

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Swift Report: The White House has requested that media outlets refrain from taking pictures of incompetent members of the Bush Administration or p

Brown's Resume Is A Sham:

Cronyism: Brown is a Fraud "Now, an investigation by TIME has found discrepancies in his online legal profile and official bio, including a descri

Playing The Blame Game

Max Blumenthal has this: Here's what Perkins had to say about FEMA in his daily newsletter, Washington Update: "There was a television show in the

Meet The F--kers

TDS-oh so subtle, oh so sweet-and oh so visciously takes apart the idiots who are supposed to protect us during a time of crisis. [media id=13822]-WM


David Gregory calls out Scotty On Imus in the Morning today, Imus played a sparring match between David and Scotty. Scotty kept to the Ken "talking p

Keith Olbermann Time Line

Here are some Bittorent Files from 9/7: Keith put together a video time line that jumps back and forth between different days and shows the spin by C

Nancy Pelosi

I heard told Kyra Phillips on CNN to "go work for thewhite house if you want to push their agenda." ( roughly) I got it andwill post it shortly.

It Would Be Nice

...if the compassionate conservatives at least knew the name of the Hurricane.

Shame On Rick Perry

Gov. Rick Perry, in hurricane relief tours around the state, in news releases and on his official state Web site, has urged Texans to contribute to th

Dick Cheney: "Go F--k Yourself"

Vice President Dick Cheney, in Gulfport, Mississippi on a tour of the Katrina hurricane zone was cursed out as he answered questions from reporters.

Floor Debate Going On

If anybody catches something clip worthy please let me know. Also, AmericaBlog has the latest Zogby Poll on Bush. It ain't lookin' too good.