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Jinky The Cat

Keyes Says Gays Are Bad...And? At ProFamily Rally 2005, Alan Keyes stated "Homosexuals are destroying America." I wonder if anyone told the ProFami

The Daily Sandwich

Bizarroworld The president of the United States, speaking on March 16: THE PRESIDENT: "Well, actually I called Silvio Berlusconi on another matter

The Dc Activism Effort

Polls reveal Republicans consistently out of touch with American public on major issues Read about it here. Kind of puts to shame the mandate they

Exiled From The Underworld

Deep benefit cuts? Who cares-- AMPUTATE! Senator Bill Nelson's (D-FL) proposed amendment to the appropriations resolution regarding Social Security f

Democracy Guy

Bush's Democracy Money Buys More Kevlar Than Freedom The Washington Post reported today that President Bush's $60 million commitment to help build U

The Real Republican Talking Point

via No More Mr Nice Blog From Linda Douglass on ABC News tonight (no transcript available online): ABC News has obtained talking points circulated a

March Madness

by The Poorman: <Vitale>It’s that time of year again, baby! The vast field of wingnuts has been whittled down to just sixty-four competito

Outsourcing More Than The Crummy Jobs

via PINZ America's Has-Been Economy This extraordinary article is not by a malcontent leftie but rather by Paul Craig Roberts, who "was Assistant S

Fairness From The Beltway

I read a lot of right wing blogs. I like to be informed as much as I can be. I have to say that obviously I don't agree with all of Outside the Beltwa