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Bullet Bags For Bush

Bullet Bags for Bush via A Liberal Dose: "Displaying the singular tact and deep humanitarianism for which he is so deservedly reknowned, Chief Chim

United Scatinos Of America

The Opinion Mill The Bush family has often been referred to as the WASP version of the Corleones, but the Soprano clan makes for a much better com

Bush's Goes To Camp

It's August and that means it's time for out fearless leader to have some down time. Do you think five weeks is enough to clear his head and put that

John Bolton And Jon Stewart

As usual The Daily Show has it's way with Bolton. [media id=13688]-WMP [media id=13689]-QT TDS so easily boils down Bolton's personality as he ha

Schmidt Wins It.

John has the latest results... You have to give it up to the netroots, Bob Brigham and Paul Hackett. To make the race this close was fantastic. Bob

Hackett Update

10:05pm 662 precincts of 753 reporting JEAN SCHMIDT 49,681 50% PAUL HACKETT 48,811 50% Update-10:56pm US HOUSE Ohio 2nd Dist 662 precincts of 753

Hackett Election Results

Here's a link to the election. click here Looks like Schmidt pulled out in front. JEAN SCHMIDT 45,134 52% PAUL HACKETT 42,342 48%

Air France Plane Crash

Breaking news on 24/7: A passenger jetliner carrying more than 200 people erupted in flames Tuesday after skidding off a runway while landing in a fie

2:30 Hr's

Canvass or make phone calls for Paul Hackett on Election Day! They can still use your help. Click here!