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The List

Since Bernie Goldberg’s "100 people that I hate" book, the new meme that is coming from the right is to list every liberal that the Circus Clowns

Cafta Sqeaks By 217-215/Video

The vote just came in: 27 Republicans voted against while 15 Democrats voted for it. More here Lou Dobbs did a segment earlier today on Cafta. [med

Sorry Arlen

I deleted the post by accident. I'm working on a bigger one for tomorrow.

War On Terror Renamed

via Agitprop Last August, during the heat of the 2004 presidential campaign, President Bush struggled to re-define the War on Terror with the foll

 Immunity For Rove And Others

Jeralyn has the latest on this breaking topic... Regardless if they did do time or not ( hopefully they "do"), they're finished and most likely the G

More Lies Form The Right

The assault has continued with Podhoretz joining the fray. (James Wolcott on Podman ) The NRO lies in their article (Update)- "Admiral Inman was quo