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The "Write Your

Has been a lot of fun so far. If you come across a cool shot, email it over. Roxanne from Rox Populi has been the guest blogger helping with the spot

They Hate Us For Our Freedom

David Brooks; need I say more? Justice Harry Blackmun did more inadvertent damage to our democracy than any other 20th-century on "

Speaking Of Fringe Fundamentalists...

via Liberal Oasis: Freshman Sen. Ken Salazar, who has been trying to position himself as a moderate Dem and describes himself as a “person of

 Throwing Stones

via TP George W. Bush, 4/20/05: If someone doesn’t pay his or her debts the rest of society is left paying for them. Amount added to the fed

Air America On HBO

Left of the Dial is appearing on HBO In early 2004, a group of investors set out to launch a liberal radio network that would challenge the dominance

Incredible Even For The Repugs

incredible even for the repugs The End Of The World These sleazeballs have the nerve to revile Marla Ruzicka, the American woman who lost her life hel

Get Falafel Or Die Tryin'

Get Falafel Or Die Tryin' Blogadactyl So now Bill O'Reilly is starting a feud with Fifty Cent. As Bill singlehandedly shut down the French economy a


Wilkerson on Bolton: GreatScat! "Under Secretary Bolton was never the formidable power that people are insinuating he was in terms of foreign policy,


Look Who's Back Manuel Miranda is still playing games. You may remember Miranda as the former Republican aide at the center of “Memogate”