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Images From Katrina

As someone with a background in the visual arts, I've always been fascinated with the implicit stories being conveyed behind photo choice in the print

More On Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani

Emailer David reminded me that David Ignatius on "The Chris Matthews Show," claimed Ali al-Sistani was worried Iraq was spinning out of co

The Obsession With Political Ads

Remember the polls that said that Bush resonated with voters because "he was the kind of guy you wanted to go have a beer with"? As ridiculo

The War At Home

For all their talk of "fighting them there, so we don't fight them here", there is a very real war that the Bush Administration policies are

John Dean At FDL's Book Salon

Glenn Greenwald is hosting FDL's book Salon with John Dean today. He's online and chatting about his new book, "Conservatives Without Con

Ali Al-Sistani's Lost

He says he's lost his power to save Iraq from civil war. Not that there wasn't one anyway. The most influential moderate Shia leader in Iraq has aban

Santorum Plays The Dead Father Card

Atrios points out that Santorum plays the dead father card while talking about the Plan B contraceptive pill. [media id=16051] -WMP [media id=16052]

Mike's Blog Round Up

A Tiny Revolution: Thank God no one in America can remember anything about anything ever. Hell, 40% of 'em don't even know this: The war in Iraq is go

Vernon Robinson's Sleazy TV Ad

He's baaaack with another sick,vile ad and attacks Brad Miller viciously. [media id=16050]-WMP-download "You needed that job," an announ