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Fanatical Apathy

Q&A: New Fish and Wildlife Guidelines From The New York Times: WASHINGTON, May 23 - The southwestern regional director of the United States Fish

Bipartisan Budget Woes

Bipartisan Budget Woes Rear Window Ethics While cable news will surely spend the day fixated on the impending "nuclear option" in the Senate, there w

John Bolton's Greatest Hits

Alan Colmes tonight played a collection of Bolton's statements about the U.N. [media id=13115]-WMP [media id=13116]-QT Anyone wonder why he is be

What A Sad Day.

Schapelle Corby Sentenced to 20 Years Schapelle Corby has received a 20-year jail term after being found guilty of importing marijuana _ sparking fur

This Picture Says A Thousand Words!

via AmericaBlog Kraft wrote a beautiful message about diversity and how a company's true measure is how it responds to criticism of its principles.

Democrats Win Crucial Bolton Vote

In a major setback for President Bush, the Senate voted Thursday to delay a confirmation vote on John Bolton, Bush’s choice to be U.S. envoy to t

The Media

I've been saying this for a while now. The Talking heads don't need the politicians and their mouth pieces, they need the Talking heads; and if the me

Tom Delay's PAC Found Guilty

Tom DeLay's state political action committee was just found guilty of violating Texas campaign finance law. A Texas judge found, in a civil trial, aga

Bolton Tip Line

Can you give me an idea what's clip worthy? I can't watch it right now.