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Cheney, The Whigs, And Frist

Raw Story reports on Cheney and Susan lists the cast in the acting company known as the Whigs. Meanwhile, Bill Frist has to turn over some personal re

Nexus Of Politics

Keith Olbermann hit a home run with this segment on the politicization of terror alerts called "The Nexus of Politics and Terror." [media id=14028


idrewthis has a funny one on Harriet and Bush.

How To Be An Apologist Blogger

Laura Bush has angered many conservatives (here also) because she didn't denounce sexism as a motive being used against Harriet Miers. I agree with th

Rumor Mill

Rumor Mill A source close to the Plame case is saying that Fitzgerald met alone with Judge Hogan yesterday, presumably to ask for an extension of th

Judy And Scotty: Not A Good Day

Arianna says Judy is not looking too good coming out of the court house . E&P has the latest on the "Scotty Gaggle Show": Q Wait, wait, wait. Wha

Bill O'Reilly Jumping Ship?

Bill O'Reilly jumping Ship? Think Progress beat me to the punch posting this clip, but I had it ready to go too. O'Reilly: "If Rove gets indicted, t

Bush Does Have A Religious Test

PFAW: ...President Bush himself defended his advisors' use of her faith to build ultraconservative support for her candidacy. "People are interested t

Donation Drive Day IV

Here's the link to donate if you would like to help out. Check out the C&L Store too. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. I'll being

Dobson's Lie

Several bloggers and The LA Times picked up on the Dobson statement from yesterday. Moi' being one of them. The dog beater forgot what he told Brit Hu

Digby's WHIGing Out

Digby's WHIGing Out Digby: Those of you who are not steeped in the arcana of the Plame story may be wondering why all the speculation about the White

Who Would You Bomb Next?

CNNN (not US) asks people On the Streets of America who they would bomb next. [media id=14034]-Wmp Bittorrent-WMP [media id=14035]-QT- Bittorrent