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Mike's Blog Round Up

Newsie8200's Penndit: Media News Monday Suburban Guerrilla: Don't leave elections to GOP pols. They don't really don't want people to vote... The Sa

Open Thread

Harry Reid on Net Neutrality: "Harry Reid just told me that he strongly supports net neutrality and that he will not support anything going thro


FUBAR is hilarious so far.... I'm also reading the most excellent "Lapdogs," by Eric Boehlert who has been contributing to C&L lately.

World Cup

I'm normally not a soccer fan, but I'm going to try and get into it this year. I don't understand the strategies involved. Can anyone fill me in?

Markos On Meet The Press

To end a cool weekend in Vegas for Yearly Kos, Markos Moulitsas joined Tim Russert on MTP. Tim did manage to pronounce his name correctly today. [

Specter Stonewalled On Gitmo

On Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer: BLITZER: Because these individuals have not been charged formally with anything. They've been held without charge


Digby: Newt was for the original Rumsfeld plan which was to put about 40,000 troops on the ground and install Ahmad Chalabi as the puppet president o

Frank Rich

The sickness that has infested many Republicans on the Hill. Atrios: On a Focus on the Family radio show, James Dobson and the White House press

Mike's Blog Round Up

Brilliant at Breakfast:The end of the internet as we know it -- and the whores who facilitated it Nieman Watchdog: Four reports from international Ni

The Jorge Posada Foundation

As many of you know I'm a big baseball fan. Jorge Posada plays catcher for the NY Yankees and has his own foundation "which provides financial a