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Lieberman Endorsed By Coulter

Lieberman keeps racking up those top flight endorsements. On Cavuto's show today Coulter said: [media id=15539]-WMP [media id=15540]-QT Cavuto: Y


Jane's mom just passed away. She's a great friend and I wish her well. My mom died in April of '04 and I know what she's going through right now. It

World's Worst

Bill makes it on Olbermann's list once more. [media id=15538]-WMP Something about shooting people after dark....


As usual, Arthur has another great piece.

Net Neutrality

It's time to get involved... Christy: It's time to hit the phones, everyone. I am told that the Senate Commerce Committee will be doing bill mark-up

Mike's Blog Round Up

Attytood: How did our beleaguered Pentagon find the time to write a 74-page briefing book for the sole purpose of trashing Democrats? Talk To Action:

Lieberman Abandons The Party. Again.

The GOP opening remarks against the Democrats amendments to get out of Iraq were given by Joe Lieberman. It's no longer a matter of just not voting w

Blogger Ethics

I'm still waiting for my million dollar check from George Soros too. This is really ridiculous and to name Jane in a piece after she has rushed to her