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WMD Scam By Santorum

Rick held a press conference carried by FOX during John Gibson's show today to say they found WMD's in Iraq. Sources in Washington are saying that the

Republicans Against Snake Marriage

Colbert takes a shot at some Republican nuts who draw on ridiculous analogies to attack gay marriage. [media id=15531]-WMP [media id=15532]-QT Colb

The Trouble With Holy Joe

(Guest Post by Steve Benen, The Carpetbagger Report) It's been about a week since DSCC Chairman Chuck Schumer hinted that he's likely support Sen. Jo

Mike's Blog Round Up

Shakespeare's Sister: After reading about the GOP senators who think giving amnesty to Iraqis who've killed or wounded American troops is a fine idea,

Open Thread

PBS "Frontline" - "The Dark Side"

Ken MacKenzie Already Smeared

After Limbaugh's lie against the left wing blogosphere today, I knew what would happen to Ken MacKenzie after I saw him on the Today Show. [media id

Audio Of Limbaugh Lying About Us

Here's the lying liar in all his glory. [media id=15521]-MP3 This is what goes out to millions of people a day. The Cowardly Lion, Hugh Hewitt call

Limbaugh Lies...

Arthur: Just a couple of minutes into the program, Limbaugh read an email from a listener, who wondered if "the left will say the soldiers deser

Gore On Countdown

Al Gore joined Keith Olbermann last night to discuss his new movie and if he has any political ambitions in the future. [media id=15519]-WMP [media