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Jonah Goldberg: The Music Critic

Do you remember this train wreck of musicianship? Is it the music or the phrase that enthralls Jonah Goldberg? I wonder what Jonah has on his Ipod?

Kurtz On Olbermann

Howard's new column is called "The Anti-Bush Anchor." Since Keith constantly questions Bush and his administration, Kurtz labels him as being "disresp

Delay's "Shaky Hands" Statement

Tom Delay gave a retirement speech earlier. See if you can "not focus" on his hands as he talks. Does he seem a bit nervous to you? [media id=15189]

TDS On Delay's ACU Tribute

TDS on Delay's ACU Tribute Blast form the Past I'm digging in the vault to see what I come up with and this is a winner. The American Conservative

Abramoff "Hearts" Delay-Redux

Any talking heads doubting whether "Gekko Jack" and the Hammer are pals should just watch this circle jerk introduction by Abramoff at the 2002, Coll

Mike's Blog Round Up

Whiskey Bar: Flags...lotta controversy on the subject Shakespeare's Sister: Gore rips Junior on Global warming FAIR: Wrong on Iraq? Not everyone Su

Bill Maher Contest Winners

View all the winners below the fold! The submissions were overwhelming and very creative. A big thanks to Desi from Mia Culpa. She helped sort things

Tom Delay Out

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, a Texan touched by a lobbying scandal that ensnared some of his former top aides and cost the Republican his l

The Cowardly Lions

The Cowardly Lions It's good to see my description of Hugh Hewitt as a "Cowardly Lion," is catching on since it's accurate. Read Lance Mannion's: "A

Missing The Point On Mexican Flags

Missing The Point On Mexican Flags georgia10 has a huge round up post on how the Michelle Malkin's are using the Mexican and American flag against th