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Republican Rubber Stamp: Video

Republican Rubber Stamp: Video Thanks to Christy and everyone else that joined in-"In case you missed it, House Dems spent some time this morning ca

Kaloogian's Funky Photo

Kaloogian's funky photo Francine Busby must have this guy nervous to post a funky photo. The General has created a new campaign poster for Kaloogia


Jon Stewart takes a look at a segment on FOX. The humor comes between the subject matter and the video footage that they show while the people are sp

Mike's Blog Round Up

spiiderweb: Pentagon investigates itself...finds itself innocent...again! Left In The Beltway: The latest episode of a podcast hosted by Oliver Willi

Only On FOX

"Could 9/11 have been avoided if Moussaoui was tortured?" To his credit Oliver North, (who I have no love for) said torture doesn't work, but it's t

Francine Busby

Francine Busby Two weeks from today, Francine's election comes up to see who gains Cunningham's seat in San Diego. The Dukester just had some of his

Ramesh Ponnuru: A Message For You

Ramesh, I see the title of your new book is "The Party of Death: The Democrats, the Media, the Courts, and the Disregard for Human Life," and that's j

Abramoff's Lawyers Say He's Broke

This is not a comedy. "In his overly determined pursuit of helping people and charities, Mr. Abramoff spent virtually all of the funds he earned in h

Three Mile Island 27th Annivesary

Check out this 1979 CBS news report of the incident. reader D writes: "Twenty-seven years ago today, America experienced its worst commercial nuclear

GOP Rubber Stamp

Christy has the latest on the " Rubber Stamp" project." See a video clip where Rep. Meek (D-FL) actually rubberstamps a chart on raising the Debt Lim