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A Look Back: The Daily Show

I've been trying all day to come up with a way to write about 9/11 and how I felt in the days, weeks and years following, but every attempt was just s

Open Thread

American Airlines writes a press release against ABC.

Dennis Hastert, Please Don't Sing!

Dennis Hastert pulled a Roseanne today as he sang along with the US Marine Corps band to the Star Spangled Banner. [media id=16102]-WMP [media id=16

Mike's Blog Round Up

d r i f t g l a s s: 9/11/06...the time for easy cliches and cheap platitudes is over. Has our aim been true? The Heretik: OCD...Obsessive Caliphate

Roots And Shoots: Day Of Peace

One of the women that I most admired growing up was Jane Goodall. I loved watching nature programs of her with her beloved chimps. I was so enthralled