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Box Turtle Bigot

Remember this one from the likes of Mark Williams during Hurricane Katrina: Williams: ..they didn't have the necessary brains and common sense to get

Plagiarism Ben?

Ben is "Augustine," so that's cleared up. He apologizes for the Coretta Scott King "is a communist" remark next. It doesn't stop there for Box Turtle

Only On FOX News

Does Hollywood treat Albinos worse than conservatives? Cavuto is the king of the weird.

Cafferty Smacks Down Kurtz

On the Situation Room, Jack Cafferty just smacked down Howard Kurtz after Howie agreed with the GOP talking point that the press is too negative in i

Wasted Effort

Ben Domenech's old home, RedState thinks saving captured hostages is a waste of time because they don't share their political views. Malkin leads the

AFA Attacks Australian Ad

I've been to Sydney and it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to visit. I played there back in '03 for about five days and the people w

Housing Hangover

Check out this video from ABC News: "Rising interest rates squeeze homeowners to the breaking point." (h/t Joan)

Dixie Chicks New Song

"Not Ready to Make Nice." Give a listen, it's a great tune. I know the talking heads have been focusing on them as if their career is over. UPDATE: A

McCain Radio

Trust don't verify... "You see the charges aren't true.... even though he hasn't heard of them before. It was a faith-based hiring, you understand."