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Bolton Vs The UN

There are some things that really get to John Bolton. As we see here, you don't ever criticize FOX News or Rush Limbaugh. Bolton simply can't have th

Plame Panel

With Froomkin, Waas, Hamsher, Empty Wheel, Wilson, Larry Johnson...on C-Span II right now... Christy: Here's a link to C-Span. Note that they have f

Santorum: Re-writes His Own History

Will Bunch: "Lately, there's been a lot of controversy about political figures altering and omitting quotes from past articles. Case in point: T

Mike's Blog Round Up

Whiskey Bar: The Pentagon Channel today announced the cancellation of its long-running reality TV series, The Abu Zarqawi Hour Confined Space: Someti

Richard Wolffe: Rummy May Still Go

On Countdown tonight, Wolffe said Zarqawi's demise could give the White House the opportunity people want to dump him [media id=15460]-WMP [media id

Byron York Misquotes Ezra

Even when he sits right next to you, York can't get it right. Is anyone surprised? I'm not sure if I'm going to Yearly Kos now. My health problem rea

Rep. Jerry Lewis Under Fire

Georgia10 reminds me: MSNBC: "You may not have heard of him, but Rep. Jerry Lewis, R-Calif., is one of the most powerful members of Congress, c

Neil Young CD Giveaway

I received 9 copies of Neil Young's new album "Living With War," to give away to C&L readers. Instead of doing a contest, I'm just goin