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Josh has the story and David figures out why.

NRO: Cry Babies Extradordinaire

I thought this post was a joke. (The NRO defending the media.) Their narrative for the last 20 years has always been to undermine the media and all it

Jesus General Needs A Hand

It seems that he's in a bind and could use a little donation love. Just remember "Operation Yellow Elephant" and the Kate O'Berine book review as a re

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Galloping Beaver: 9/11 means never having to say you're sorry. Here's what 'justice' looks like in the BUSHCO era. MediaCitizen: Fox News drifti

FISA Lies Exposed By Greenwald

My main man Glenn Greenwald, (why do you think he's on C&L now) catapults this story into the open. "In June, 2002, Republican Sen. Michael DeWi

Internationale Vs Domestic

Countdown, with Keith Olbermann did a piece on the whole "International vs Domestic," relationship to wiretapping. [media id=14498]-WMP [media id=1

Hmmm...Those WaPo Polls Again

Since I'm in the mood to talk about the Washington Post today, remember this little item when the prospect of doing an impeachment poll angered Richar

Brady: Deadwood Bloggers

Brady was on Newshour last night and used his time to frame the debate by comparing us to cowboys in the wild, wild west hanging out over in Deadwood

Froomkin On Howell

Froomkin: "On the specific underlying issue, it's worth pointing out that the flashpoint for all this was a flatly inaccurate statement by the ombud


Digby: "It's really cool when guys like Glenn Reynolds completely misrepresent themselves in a national on"