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Sunday Talk Shows

Let me know if anything is clip worthy... Oh-and I dig Veronica Mars. Please no plot busters. I'm still on the first season.

Bobo Gets Rocked

Bobo gets Rocked Mark Shields handed David Brooks head on a platter on PBS Friday night. I was waiting for the water works to start. [media id=1425

Rover Redux

Rover Redux Jeralyn has a fabulous post up on Rove's history with the grand jury, replete with all kinds of links. She sketches a fascinating histor


I felt compelled to write after reading your "Akron Getting Big Housing Help" news story describing how Akron is receiving 20 million dollars from the

The Dynamic Duo

David Neiwert has some fun with Malkin and O'Reilly. Actually, he just exposes some falsehoods.

It's Just The Beginning

Manipulation of Iraq Intelligence? Tomorrow, in its print edition, The New York Times starts to answer the question, with reporter Douglas Jehl disc


James just tried to lend a helping hand.

Wilkerson On The News Hour

Wilkerson on The News Hour Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former Powell Chief of Staff explains what he meant when he said there is a "cabal" in our govern

Mike's Blog Round Up

Attytood: The impeachment of Richard Nixon Cheney Pam's House Blend: I'll pick up my chicken wing at the back door, Massa George. la'ikoa: General C