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Helen Thomas With Blitzer

THOMAS: You asked President Clinton why he wouldn't resign. BLITZER: I asked him some tough questions. But that's another time and this is another st

Randi Rhodes Vs Bay Buchanan

Randi was on Paula Zahn with guest host Hedi Collins and debated CNN's resident wingnut Bay Buchanan over the job Bush is job. [media id=14899]-WMP

Mike's Blog Round Up

Consortium News: Commander Codpiece lied in our faces again yesterday. Several times. Perhaps the most egregious was his oft-repeated claim that Sadda

NBC Today: Gregory-Ingraham Dust Up

NBC Today: Gregory-Ingraham dust up Laura Ingraham and David Gregory got into a little shouting match over where the TODAY show should broadcast from

Washington Responds: Not

Atrios has been on top of this story all day. I like it when the WaPo doesn't have the guts to answer a very basic question like this one: Tapped: Q

C&L: Finals For The "Best Blog"

The Koufax award finalists are up and C&L made it to the "Best Blog, Non-sponsored category." They are all great sites so have some fun. All cat

Waashington Post's Republican Bias

The Washington Post continues to become more and more a mouth piece for the GOP by hiring a rightwing blogger. Atrios: "The Post just hired Ben Do

Another Press Conference

I just put some of it on and he's very nasty to the press while yucking it up. People are dying in Iraq-he goes on these long tangents about liberty-w