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Rove Still A Target

Rove Still a Target WaPo “Rove remains a focus of the CIA leak probe. He has told friends it is possible he still will be indicted for providing

Wal Mart

Wal Mart Wal Mart goes on the offensive with a new war room by hiring former presidential advisers, including Michael K. Deaver, who was Ronald Reag

NY Times Learned Nothing

Arthur thinks Iran and Syria are in the air:"Norman Solomon reminds us that in the drumbeat of war leading up to the invasion of Iraq, The New York Ti

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Reaction: Scalitovision 2005...Michael has another excellent roundup of information and opinion, from across the political spectrum, on Bush's lat

TDS On Scooter

TDS on Scooter You knew it would be the first story of the week and so it is. [media id=14285]-WMP [media id=14286]-QT (hat tip NorthernFence) He m

Chris Matthews: Hit List Slander

Chris Matthews: Hit List slander I was watching MSNBC between 11:00-12:00 this morning and Chris was ranting about some democratic talking point that

More On Russert

More on Russert Arianna has more on the Times and Timmey... (hat tip Karl for the graphic)

Libby Knew Plame Was Covert

Libby knew Plame was covert (Update) Jane from FireDoglake is reporting that the story on ABC news about Matt Cooper saying Libby told him Plame was

Bat---t Crazy

Bat---t Crazy Bay Buchanan goes off the deep end as she gleefully celebrates the "Scalito" nomination. [media id=13885]-WMP [media id=13886]-QT G

Judicial Activists

No surprise that Clarence Thomas heads the list. The jokers jumping for joy today want nothing more than judicial activism. What does the Rude One hav

Cafferty: Isn't Frist Indicted Too?

Cafferty: Isn't Frist indicted too? Monday Funnies That's not what he said, but Jack blitzed Wolfie today as they were laughing at some of the predi

Red Herrings, Fitzgerald And Libby

Elizabeth de la Vega, who worked for more than 20 years as a federal prosecutor, throws some light on several issues crucial to the Libby indictment..

Substituting Glenn Reynolds

Insert the way the White House has handled Katrina and the Iraq war instead of the CIA and Glenn's post makes perfect sense. "...The other possibilit