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Arianna's Follow-Up on Cheney: It's Not the EKG: It's the Cover-up Wow. So now in the space of 48 hours, we have three stories: First, denial that C


Tom DeLay is a lying sack of... is on fire. He busts Tom Delay's siding with Rove that all liberals are traitors. Tom DeLay on 9/20/2001: DELAY: W

Donald Rumsfeld On MTP- Part II

Tim confronts him on the cost of the war, Wolfowitz, troop levels and the DSM. [media id=13233]-WMP QT soon MR. RUSSERT: So never any mistake made

Negotiating With Terrorists

via Billmon: "No nation can negotiate with terrorists. For there is no way to make peace with those whose only goal is death. George W. Bush Remarks t

Frontline: Private Warriors

rear window ethics I got around to watching the most recent Frontline, entitled Private Warriors. In it, a Frontline reporting team follows private c

Delay's Pals

via War and Piece Jack Abramoff's and Michael Scanlon's 'gimme five' scheme...

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Even Our Allies Are Going to Hate Us Jurist An Italian official speaking anonymously said Friday that a judge in Milan has ordered the


Christian Right and Hollywood come Together "THE film producer Stephen K. Bannon isn't just on a crusade. He's on a roll. "Look at Feb. 25, 2004 - a