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The Attack On Global Warming

"60 Minutes" aired a piece last night that is "must see" TV. (Full story here) DarkSyde at Kos: NASA climate scientist Jim Hansen again blasted th

Mike's Blog Round Up

Mike's Blog Round Up The Moderate Voice: Republican 2006 strategy will be to define foes and "change the subject" MoxieGrrrl: Don Dubya breaks yet a

ReddHedd On The Washington Journal

Christy Hardin Smith (aka) Reddhedd from FireDogLake, was on the Washington Journal today with Paul Mirengoff from Powerline-discussing a variety of

Murtha On Meet The Press

Murtha appeared on MTP today and got the full body treatment from Timmy. Russert wailed away at John (who wouldn't like to see that same treatment wi

George Will-Iraq Is Not Working

Will announced today on THIS WEEK, that Iraq is not working. He repeats what John Murtha has been saying in this small sound byte. [media id=14923]-

Brit Hume's Head Explodes

On FOX News Sunday, Bill Kristol (who I have no love for) defended Russ Feingold's censure resolution and called it a smart political move, one that

Agents Pose As FOX NEWS Journalists

It's just interesting-the network Bush's security chose to impersonate. "He said the men told him they were with Fox News out of Houston, Texas, and

Mike's Blog Round Up

NewsHog: Wingnuts Through the Looking Glass Vox Verax: Republicans strong on National Security? BWA HA HA HA HA The Next Left: Junior has found yet

Open Thread

Will the three winners of the "Good Night and Good Luck," contest please email me your addresses.