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Mike's Blog Round Up

Proposed FEC Rules Would Exempt Most Political Activity on Internet War and Piece: It's hard to know whether to laugh or cry at the administration's

Late Night Open Thread

Dixie Chicked again. The conservative media really have no clue about record sales, airplay or tour revenues. "Not Ready to Make Nice." Give a listen

Deadbeats From NOLA

Stakeholder: "John Culberson, R-Houston. "I think the percentage of people unhappy with the deadbeats from New Orleans would be larger but for the bi

"What A Difference A Day Makes"

Katherine Harris won't use her inheritance after all. Remember what she said to Sean Hannity? Let's go to the video tape. "Let me tell you what the

Big Immigration Protests

There are huge protests going on in LA and many other cities. Some provisions of this new legislation borders on being barbaric. Talk Left takes a lo

Bush Thinks He's Above The Law

Bush thinks he's above the Law Greenwald: "There are numerous noteworthy items, but the most significant, by far, is that the DoJ made clear to Cong

Santorum Still "Hearts" Lobbyists

It's not like they aren't there, but Rick flaunts his associations with them at a time when reform is supposed to be a top priority. [media id=1487

Mike's Blog Round Up

Petrelis Files: The latest issue of the New York Review of Books has a must-read report from Baghdad by UC Berkeley journalism dean Orville Schell on

Immigration Rallies

AP: "Thousands of people across the country protested Friday against legislation cracking down on illegal immigrants, with demonstrators in cities suc

Tom Delay And The Russians

Kevin Drum has some news about a little extra cash "going to the U.S. Family Network, an advocacy group closely associated with DeLay. Lots of money."