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Kyra Phillips And Wikipedia

Kyra Phillips and Wikipedia Tuesday funnies Kyra of CNN, had on a journalist named John Seigenthaler, who found a slanderous biography of himself po

Joe Dante Interview Coming

I have one scheduled for Thursday afternoon. The topic will focus on the new Showtime feature, "Homecoming." If you have any other questions, let me k


Hannity/Dobson/and Randle Terry take center stage for this? "Stepdad seeks life support for 11-year-old he allegedly beat into a coma."

Hitchens-a Short Play

Christopher Hitchens meets a character named REALITY. Then read about Thomas B. Reed, an American Hero.

Propaganda TDS Syle

Propaganda TDS Syle Jon Stewart turns his eye to the news that's bought and paid for. [media id=14430]-WMP [media id=14431]-QT

Mike's Blog Round Up

Mike's Blog Round Up Neil Bush travels with Rev. Moon as "peace leader" Mount Blogmore: Looking for a way out Here comes.....FoxNews' John

Open Thread

I need to take a break today... Blogger is having some problems so a lot of blogs aren't showing up.

Rush Limbaugh Is A Big...

"Demand from local listeners returned syndicated talk host Rush Limbaugh to his midday time slot on WWL AM-870 last Wednesday, so imagine the reaction