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Open Thread

You've got to be honest; if you can fake that, you've got it made.--George Burns

Horrific Tale Of Rape

Arthur: "This is a truly horrifying story: a teenage girl is convicted for filing a false rape charge, while her alleged attackers are believed suffic

Open Thread

Spike: "Should I really trust you?" Adam: "Scout's honor." Spike: "You were a Boy Scout?" Adam: "Parts of me."

Bulls And Bears

FOX NEWS: "Is the "war on Christmas" hurting your portfolio?" Emailer Bernard: They had a segment on that said (I kid you not) "The liberals attack o

Christmas- Christmas Parade?

Even when the word "Christmas," is included in the title of the parade-for some-it still isn't good enough. "Some churchgoers are accusing the Chambe

Will Rich Lowry Be Swift-boated?

Tbogg has the goods. Rich actually said this: "Now, there are plausible criticisms to be made of the Bush administration: for being unrealistic, for b

Michael Ware Disputes President Bush

Michael Ware disputes President Bush "President Bush claimed that Iraqi security forces "primarily led" the assault on the city of Tal Afar. TIME Mag