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And the George Armstrong Custer Award for Military Excellence Goes To... Now that the Downing St. stuff finally is becoming widely known, the questio

Howard Dean On PBS's News Hour

(Thanks to David for the video and the commentary) Howard Dean is asked about his inflammatory comments and he doesn't back down. He is asked about

I Heart Randle Terry

Randall Terry: The True face of the Republican Party Terry, a nationally known abortion opponent and spokesman for Terri Schiavo's parents this yea

John Cole

Durbin Wrap Up writes an interesting piece: So Senator Durbin was forced to go to the well of the Senate to offer up a blubbering 'apolocorrection' a

Clinton Picture Causing Controversy

I reported here that I thought Drudge darkened this picture to sensationalize it. DC Fish Bowl has this new story:Klein Misrepresents Clinton Photo.


TPM has a great cartoon and says: Yes, the joke really is on Frist. TMV:Frist Meets Bush And Changes Bolton Vote Position.

Delay's Rapture Delayed

Delay's Rapture Delayed via Swift Report: House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has been in the hot seat for months over alleged ethics violations. But the


Jon Stewart reports on Bush, Iraq and the DSM The Daily Show highlighted Bush's usually speaking problems, He called a Prime Minister a "piece of


Tucker Carlson interviews Scott Ritter; Has US/Iran war started? [media id=13264]-WMP [media id=13265]-Real Audio Scott brings up Bush's behavior

Instapundit Writes

: ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader J.P. Dawson thinks that Mayor Richard Daley deserves credit for pushing Durbin to do the right thing: Mayor Richard Daley