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Dominionism, Dominion Theology, Christian Reconstructionism, Theocratic Dominionism, and Theonomy are not denominations or faith groups. Rather, they

The Orwellian Press Room 

The Martini Republic has a hilarious exchange between a reporter, Scotty, Bush, and contraception. Now the subject matter is not funny, and neither i

Warren Beatty

via This Modern World Though I'm not as enthusiastic as Ezra, I've gotta say that Warren Beatty's speech the other day was very impressive. Not only

Abu Ghraib Protests At Condi Speech

[media id=13109]-WMP There's been so much traffic that the servers have been slower than normal. It should be working now. Thm Blog was at the event

Downing Street Memo Inquiry

Congressman John Conyers is asking for signatures: Click here AmericaBlog: This is important. It's also really good. Read the congressman's letter he


via Still Fighting ACTION ALERT: Barney Frank challenges Bush on anti-gay counsel Scott Bloch. Yesterday, we told you about Bush special counsel Scot


History Lessons: Another Way to Think About Secular Humanism When people argue about secular humanism and religion in American history they usually