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Tom Brokaw Slams Pat Buchanan

On the Today Show, while Pat and Colson were condeming Mark Felt, Tom Brokaw puts them in their proper place. [media id=13364]-WMP [media id=133


Gannon takes One question on Lie Detector C&L was asked to put this clip up so we complied. [media id=13366]-WMP The show was a farce so its

Randall Terry, Meet C&L

Randall Terry, meet C&L Here's my latest for Jesus General Randall Terry Founder of Operation Rescue Dear on


I can accept Bush butchering Lincoln, but must He butcher Eisenhower? Granted, Bush's Veteran's Day speech wasn't the weird travesty that His D-Day s

Dog Skin Report

Sibel Edmonds: Gagged but not Dead This one comes to us from our good friends at It concerns the Sibel Edmonds case, which we have pai

Rosa Brooks Update

I emailed Rosa after her appearance on The O'Reilly Factor and told her what a great job she did. Here's the clip if you missed it. She replied: "I