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Power Line Is Fair And Balanced

Power Line is Fair and Balanced So sez The Factor. According to Paul Mirengoff, they don't attack liberals including Dan Rather. They just promote c

The Factor Lied Again

Guest David Kline set up. Thanks to Atrios: "Last night I appeared on the conservative TV talk show The O'Reilly Factor, ostensibly to talk about pol

Spies In The White House

AmericaBlog: A US Marine was working in the White House as a spy for the Philippines. He worked in the White House for 3 years, and most recently for

Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Tom Delay deliberately raised more money than he needed to throw parties at the 2000 presidential convention, then diverted some of the excess to long

C&L Interviews Alan Colmes

Alan Colmes was nice enough to come onto the site and do an interview with me. Not many people in his position are willing to come onto the blogs and

O'Reilly Bashes Media Matters

O'Reilly bashes Media Matters In what was billed as a " Are Web logs" being used as ideological weapons?" segment, Bill just took out his anger over

What Does Dobson Know?

Steve says: "Mr. Dobson, one of the most influential evangelical conservatives, welcomed the nomination. "Some of what I know I am not at liberty to t

Mike's Blog Round Up

Threshing Machine: Alerts us to the Colorado Springs mayor with his ass in a sling due to an overnight flip-flop on pro bono mental health services fo

TDS/Bartlet Turns Into Mehlman

TDS/Bartlett turns into Mehlman As the conservative rage pours out over the Miers nomination. The WH sent out Dan Bartlett to justify the selection.

Fish To Fry

Fish to Fry There's a new meaning to the word pork... Moxies Grrrl: $500,000 (FIVE. HUNDRED. THOUSAND. DOLLARS.) of FEDERAL GRANT MONEY was spent t

Open Thread

Watching a little playoff baseball.....Boston lost their first game to the White Sox 14-2, St. Louis beat San Diego 8-5....